LED outdoor lighting as an inspiration for outdoor lighting that provides aesthetic and security.


Summer is just around the corner and you'll probably start to plan on how you can get to enjoy it. Well, you don't have to worry anymore because you can spend it in the comfort of your own home. You can spend your time enjoying your beautiful backyard which includes the perfect relaxing ambiance for your outdoor space. However, the fun doesn't need to stop once the sun goes down, you just need to add light through the darkness!

We've mentioned in our past posts how light, as a modern feature, is infused as part of your landscape design for your outdoor space. Now, let's discuss further how outdoor lighting sets the mood on your backyards and front yards.

Landscape lighting refers to any outdoor illumination found on gardens or landscapes for safety purposes and aesthetics. Not all outdoor lightings are the same. It takes the right type of lighting to create ambience for your outdoor spaces. Let's step back for a bit and have a run-through about lighting.

LED Outdoor Lighting

Generally, there are three types of lights you need to keep in mind: general/ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. By knowing these three types, you can better decide what to choose for your idea of your space.

General/Ambient lighting is the most common type of lighting. Often referred to as mood lighting, this light gives off a soft glow just enough to cover your space. This enables one to see and walk about freely and safely. Chandeliers and pendant lights are ones that create ambient light. Pendant lights are any light fixture that is mounted on the ceiling. However, unlike chandeliers, pendant lights hold a single or pair of lights on the end of either a chord or a string and they are lighter compared to the materials used on chandeliers.

Task lighting is much more concentrated and smaller. This, on the other hand, is referred to as office lighting because it allows anyone with this light to focus and see details better and do specific tasks. This light is perfect for reading, writing and other activities. An example of task lighting is a spotlight. Spotlights project a focused and concentrated narrow beam of light used to aim and highlight specific points.

Lastly, accent lighting is a very concentrated light. It has the intention of making you focus to its focal point. This creates visual lighting interest to add style and drama for your space. This includes wall lights that help accent pathways of your home. When placed in a suitable area, they set an ambient mood.

Outdoor lighting provides aesthetics when carefully planned and selected. Path lights for example can easily improve your curb appeal since they create light markers that run down on your path. This is foremost and basically what all yards have as their basic outdoor lighting. Another example is the string lights. Made out of small electric lights on a wire or string, string lights create a beautiful ambience and modern look for your outdoor space. This is perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings. String lights can even be used as lighting for your patios and decks aside from the original patio and deck lighting.

In all honesty, it does not only require good decision-making skills in choosing outdoor lighting for your dream landscape. It also requires practicality. Outdoor lighting typically adds to your electric bill, plus they need to be maintained regularly. This is the reason why different kinds of breakthroughs are introduced as part of modern outdoor landscape design.

First on the list: LED lighting. Outdoor lights use halogen or incandescent bulbs that use high wattage capacity which means more wattage, more money added to your electric bill. The introduction of LED lighting not only paves the way for more energy efficiency, but it also gives way for other fixtures to operate simultaneously while using a single transformer. LED lights are also almost maintenance-free since they have greater life because they can last up to 4 years without the need to change a bulb. Though they consume less energy, it doesn't mean that LEDs have less light emission, in fact, they can come on at full brightness. LEDs emit spherical lights for general lighting and reduced wasted light for task lighting. LED lights are highly recommended among experts and environmentalists as they help preserve energy.

Solar-powered lights are also one of the breakthroughs that provides not only the aesthetic but environmental safety as well. By definition, lights harness their energy through the sun. Though these lights generally don’t receive direct sunlight, they can still get decent charge. However, it does not guarantee to give you the amount of light you need, even if it is fully charged. Unlike LED lights, solar-powered lights are less recommended.

The emergence of technology has also paved the way for motion sensored lights. Lights automatically light up when they sense motion or movement near them. They can detect infrared waves, especially warm objects which automatically turn on the light. This gives you the feeling of being safe and secure, especially in places that may not be lit up to well. They also automatically shut off unless they sense motion. Even though it may sound luxurious, motion detector lighting is inexpensive in reality and easy to install.

Because of this, it does not only prove that outdoor lighting provides aesthetic but safety as well. Remember that we need illumination in order for us to feel safe because darkness generally creates psychological fear. This is why almost all parts of your space are well lit because it does not only secure your home but your family members as well.

Planning your dream landscape is not complete without imagining what it looks like when night falls. But aside from this, you also need think of your family’s safety. If you want safety, aesthetic and environmental outdoor lighting all bundled up in one. LED Outdoor Lighting is some of the most cost-effective and efficient designs possible. We recommend contacting a licensed designer and contractor to do your installations, such as Stumptown Style. We provide some of the best services imaginable, and are able to meet any request to create the perfect landscape for you and your family.