Outdoor Landscape Designs, Infused with Nature’s Elements, Create the Best Version for Your Outdoor Space.


Just bought your first home? As you could imagine, improving it is a difficult task. Here's some helpful ideas that could help you design your dream backyard!

Landscape designs is getting your backyard back up to shape. Want to be able to cook outside? That's what we do. There are thousands of design ideas for your front yard, backyard, garden or pool area. Others came up with modern landscaping designs such as outdoor dining areas while some keep it simple and install patios.

The first thing that grabs people's attention towards a house is curb appeal. It gives them an idea on how you deal with your space. This usually talks about how you make your front yard appealing to people across the street. The main key is to add a focal point in your front yard, anything that goes well with your house is fine such as tree, bench or fence. 

Portland Deck Installation | Stumptown Style
Portland Deck Installation | Stumptown Style

You need to make the most out of your outdoor space because this provides not only the connection between family members but as well as with nature. Outdoor spaces may be infused with touches of elements brought about by nature but with the ideas of designers and architects

First on the list: water features. Water brings calm and aesthetic feeling, blocking all unnecessary noise which is why adding it to a landscape, no matter the design, gives balance and tranquil ambiance to outdoor spaces. Water may be featured as a splash in the fountain or a ripple in a swimming pool. They are also typically designed with bricks or rocks.

When you want to feel warmth and companionship, the fire feature is an excellent idea. Fire pits above gravel or concrete, made through bricks and lit through gas, gives the sultry feeling of bond especially when you add tables and chairs. You may put either stationary or movable chairs around the fire pit. Many people see this feature as a place for casual dinners and family gathering. Aside from these, fire pits are also best for outdoor camping or stargazing. 

With the tables and chairs already mentioned, you may also be able to build a patio perfect for dining or entertaining especially when the weather is fine. This is usually designed with tables and chairs with a covered roof or sometimes an umbrella. This is perfect during weekends where all family members can dine and relax outside.

Now, if you want color and vibrancy on your landscape, adding a flower bed can do the job. There are two things that should be kept in mind when making a flower bed on your landscape: the design itself and the flowers and/or plants that you will use. The design must complement the features of your landscaping characteristics in your outdoor space. Unorganized design may not bring the comfort you want to feel whilst looking at your space. You must also know what plants are best fit to grow in your area. Well grown plants are pleasing to the eyes. The right choice of plants are crucial since most spaces are composed with shrubs and trees because green is soothing in one’s eye.

Portland Container Gardens | Stumptown Style
Portland Container Gardens | Stumptown Style

You may also want to add some lighting for your space. Lamps and lanterns can make your space look beautiful, especially at night.

These ideas, however, are both for front and back spaces. When all of these are still too broad for you, having a landscape architect by your side can help you. That's what they're hired to do: make your outdoor dreams come true. They will be able to offer a wide range of suggestions to your chosen design and help you build your preferred outdoor landscape.

No matter the size of your property is, be it small, modern or residential, you need to keep in mind that designing your outdoor space is for your own convenience and benefit. Knowing what you like is helpful when deciding for the perfect landscape design you want to see outdoors. Keeping it simple and up to your preference makes the overall design worthwhile.