Stumptown Style

Design Process

At Stumptown Style we provide a multitude of design services. From digital hand drawn concepts, to detailed software renderings with the ability to do a 3D fly over of your potential project. We do both in house design and also work with several experienced and highly qualified local individuals. Our ultimate goal is to use our extensive experience and to execute the design that works best for you. 

One thing we have learned about the landscape design process is that no matter how detailed the design and planning there will always be changes. This is why the term Design | Build is used so commonly with landscape contractors. We believe it is worthwhile to invest in design but only up to a point on some projects. Ideally the process should be a fun and exciting one. We have learned that team collaboration and quick and direct communication with our clients is the real key to our success.

Thinking of design as more of a free flowing process than a rigid set of plans and specifications is a much better approach in many situations. Contact us today to set up a preliminary consultation!